This document is a collection of how-tos, tipps & tricks, snippets that helps to get started with R3-GUI. As soon as the concepts and descriptions here get to big, the information is seperated into its own document.

Actors & Re-Actors

view [button "test" on-key [do [print mold value]]]


You can use custom triggers in R3-GUI. Example of custom trigger:

view [
        when [my-trigger] do [print "my trigger has been called"]
        button "run my trigger" do [
                if win: window-face? face [
                        do-triggers win 'my-trigger

Showing layouts

How to do a layout but don’t show

Couple of posibilities:

  1. use VIEW/NO-WAIT and later than DO-EVENTS

  2. use WHEN with triggers like:

view [
        when [enter] do [print "layout has been created"]
  1. use MAKE-FACE like:

lay: [button ...]
layout: make-face 'window reduce/no-set [content: lay]
view layout